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Current Students:

2015 Cohort

Daniel Bettencourt
Amanda Hernandez
Nathaniel (Nate) Howe
Emily Kelly
Mena Lam

Kael Miyata
Ashley Ocana
Dayana Olavarria
Perri Pfrommer
Lorena Salcedo
Miguel Tejada
Matthew Tresch

2014 Cohort

Julia Aquadro
John (Jay) Driscoll
Amy Gallanter
Kaitlyn McNamara
Alexander (Alex) Pilger

Kelsey Sheridan
Heather Smith
Kelly Smith
Phila Son

Lauren Turcotte
Yinfeng Wang

Christina (Tina) Zorzi

2013 Cohort

Lauren Amaral
Eliza Chappell

Timothy Dunn
Meghan Foster
Andrew Goolsby-Cole
Halina Kusleika
Nicole Moore
Rachael Paine
Emily Herbert
Jeff Ward
Thomas Woodbury
Liz Vasallo

Alums (Let Us Know What You Are Doing!)

Karoline Alexander, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2014.

Kate Allen, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2015. Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School, South Hadley, MA.

Anthony Aucoin, Eastford Road School, Southbridge, MA.

Jessica Austin, School Counselor, South Hadley, MA.

Joe Bacal, Selser Memorial School, Chicopee, MA.

Robert Bardwell, Director of Guidance, Monson High School, Monson, MA. WMCA Counselor of the Year 2003. MASCA Leadership Award 2003. President of MASCA 2004.

Kelynne Bisbee, Glebe Elementary School, Arlington , VA.

Sam Brody, M.Ed. 2014, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts High School, South Hadley, MA.

Stephanie-Marie Cariello, Arlington, MA.

Perry Conley, M.Ed. 2004, Middle School Counselor, Mahar, Orange, MA.

Tina Cohen, 2006, Psychotherapist for adolescent females, Athol, MA and Educational Advocate and Court Investigator for the Juvenile Courts of the Franklin/Hampshire Counties, MA.

Cameron Cox, M.Ed., 2015. Deer Park Middle Magnet School, Randallstown, MD.

Deidre Cuffee-Gray, College Bound Counselor, Springfield Rennaissance School, Springfield, MA.

David Elsner David, M.Ed. 2005. School Counselor, Foxborough Regional Charter School, Foxborough, MA.

Ana S. Encarnacion-Mullen, School Counselor, Wildwood Elementary School , Amherst, MA.

Karen Esempio, M.Ed. 2010, School Guidance Counselor, South Hadley High School, South Hadley, MA

Margaret (Peggy) Fallon, School Guidance Counselor, Pioneer Valley Regional School, Northfield, MA.

Diane Fedorchak, M.Ed., CAGS 2003. Health Education, University Health Services, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Lauren Flynn, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2015.

Hunter Gehlbach, M.Ed., CAGS 1999. Doctoral student in Psychological Studies in Education, Stanford University.

Linda Gianesin, Assistant Principal, Wildwood Elementary School, Amherst, MA.

Adam Goldberg, M.Ed. 1998, Director of Guidance, Weston High School, Weston, MA.

Lisa Goldsmith, M.Ed., CAGS 2005. Dial/Self Teen ServicesGreenfield, MA

Monique Gosselin, Quincy, Massachusetts

Julie Hall, M.Ed., GAGS 2008, School Counselor, Gateway Regional High School, Huntington, MA

Karen Harrington, Assistant Director, Center for School Counseling Outcome Research & Evaluation, UMass, UMASS, Amherst, MA.

Emily Heider, School Counselor, 10th and 12th Grades, Canandaigua Academy, NY.

Kathy Hidges, M.Ed., 1980. School Counselor in an independent Prek-12 School in Savanna, GA.

Emily Hoffer, M.Ed. 2013, College and Career Education Coordinator, Jackson Hole High School, Jackson, WY.

Darleen Marie Hostetler, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2014, South Hadley, MA.

Anne Hutchinson, M.Ed. 2015. Restorative Justice Counselor, Mohawk Trail Regional School, Shelburne Falls, MA.

Nora Israeloff, School Counselor, Greenfield Middle School, Greenfiled MA.

Rob Lima, Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School, Hadley MA.

Erica Kendall, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2015.

Louann Krebs, School Adjustment Counselor, Grades 7-12, Frontier Regional School, South Deerfield, MA.

Emily Krems, M.Ed., CAGS 2010, Guidance Counselor, Great Falls Middle School, Turners Falls, MA

Melissa Lake, M.Ed., CAGS 2010, Guidance Counselor, Michael H. Smith Middle School, South Hadley, MA.

Loren Lauffer, M.Ed., CAGS 2005, School Counselor, Monument Mountain Regional High School, Great Barrington MA.

Shelly Bathe Lenn, M.Ed., CAGS 2002. The Garden: A Center for Grieving Children and Teens, Northampton, MA.

Carolynn Laurenza, M.Ed. 2008, Guidance Counselor, Gateway Regional High School, Huntington, MA

Ananda Lennox, M.Ed., CAGS 2014, Youth Engagement Coordinator for the Northampton Prevention Coalition, Northampton, MA.

Tara Luce, M.Ed. 2004, School Counselor, Crocker Farm Elementary School, Amherst, MA.

Celeste Malvezzi, Associate Principal of Student and Faculty Affairs, Northampton High School, Northampton, MA.

Kristen Mariotti, M.Ed., CAGS 2010, School Guidance Counselor, Granite Valley Middle School, Monson, MA

Sally Masters, CAGS 2002, Associate Director of Academic Advising at the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Oshkosh, WI, UW Oshkosh Outstanding Queer Faculty/Staff Award 2014, Massachusetts School Counselors Association Human Rights Award inaugural recipient 2008, WMCA Rising Star Award 2005.

Annie McCarthy, School Counselor, Franklin Technical High School, Turners Falls, MA.

Andy Meeker, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2014. School Counselor, South Hadley High School, South Hadley, MA.

Casey Mones Pescitelli, M.Ed., CAGS 2010, School Guidance Counselor/Director, Smith Academy grades 7-12, Hatfield, MA

Heather Murphy, M.Ed., CAGS 2013, School Guidance Counselor, Malden Catholic High School, Malden, MA.

Tania Neal, School Counselor, Sage Park Middle School, Windsor CT.

Jennifer Nesbit, M.Ed. 2003, School Counselor, Hawaii Public Schools.

Brenda K. Nishimura, M.Ed. 1996, CAGS 1999, School Counselor, Grades Pre-K-4, Woodland Elementary School, Southwick, MA. Association for Multicultural Counseling and Development, Vice-President for Asian Pacific Islander Concerns 2000-2003.

Jane O'Donnell, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2014.

Tenzin Paldon, M.Ed. 2013, Guidance Counselor, TCV School, Suja, India.

Dan Paradis, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2014, Work based Learning Coordinator/College and Career Counselor, South Hadley High School, South Hadley, MA.

Jonas Patruno, M.Ed., CAGS 2004, School Counselor, Swift River Elementary School, Belchertown, MA

Kim Perry Izquierdo, Guidance Counselor, Holyoke High School, Holyoke, MA.

Lauren Perry, Ware High School.

John Ramos Jr., M.Ed., Ed.S. 2015. Student Success Coach, Norwalk Community College Foundation, Norwalk, CT.

Leslie Robillard, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2014. School Counselor, Brattleboro Union High School, Brattleboro, VT.

Mizue Seki, Akita, Japan.

Ann Stephany Phelps, Site Placement Specialist, College of Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA.

Talib Sadiq, School Counselor, Amherst Middle School, Amherst MA.

Amy Scully, M.Ed., CAGS 2004. School Counselor, Hampshire Regional High School, Westhampton, MA.

Stephanie Shafiroff, Central Berkshire Regional School District.

Stephanie B. Shafran (aka Palladino), M.Ed. 1990. Currently in 9th year as School Counselor at Whately Elementary, for the second year also the School Counselor at Conway Grammar School, Union #38 School District.

Chris Shanahan, Weston High School.

Derek Shea, Vice Principal, Crocker Farm Elementary School, Amherst, MA.

Mike Smith, School Counselor, Weequahic High School, Newark, NJ. Co-Class advisor for freshman class, head football coach for freshman team, and assistant track coach.

Matt Soycher, School Counselor, Pioneer Valley Regional School, Northfield, MA.

Jennifer Stavely, School Counselor (Grades K-6), Vernon Elementary School, Vernon, VT.

Bobby Storey, M.Ed., CAGS 2013, Guidance Counselor, Mohawk Regional High School, Shelburne Falls, MA.

Cynthia Tang, M.Ed., CAGS 2005, School Counselor, Lexington High School, Lexington MA.

Karen Hidalgo, School Counselor, Northampton High School, Northampton, MA.

Clare Toohey, M.Ed., CAGS 2009, School Counselor, JFK Middle School, Northampton, MA

Kristen Torres , M.Ed., Ed.S. 2015. Admissions Counselor, Clark University, Worcester, MA.

Stacie Vanasse , M.Ed., Ed.S. 2015. Assistant Director, Learning Resource Center, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Robin Warner, CAGS 2005, DYS Instructional Coach, Hamshire Educational Collaborative, Northampton, MA.

Nadine Watterson, M.Ed., CAGS, 2004. School Counselor, East Lyme High School, Lyme CT.

Max Weider, Guidance Counselor, Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, Northampton, MA.

Erin Wetherell, M.Ed., Ed.S. 2015. Children Services Coordinator, Upper Valley Haven, White River Junction, VT.

La-Toya Wilson, The Springfield Renaissance School, Springfield, MA.

Kevin B. White, M.Ed. 1991, School Counselor, Grades 3-6, Sheffield Elementary School, Turners Falls, MA.

Judy Wong-Chen, M.Ed., CAGS 2010, Student Services Coordinator, Eastside College Preparatory School, East Palo Alto, CA.

Koji Yoshihama, Chiba, Japan.

Natalia Zapata
, Medellin, Colombia.