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Informational Sessions

The School Counselor Education concentration holds a series of informational sessions in the fall for prospective students. This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions, get information, and learn more about our program. Times for these sessions will be posted in the fall.

Applying to the School Counselor Education Concentration
Masters in School Counseling. M. Ed. Counselor Education
To be considered for admission, a completed application must be filed with the graduate school by early January (check the UMass Graduate School website for specific dates). Apply as early as possible before the deadline to allow receipt of all your materials. KEEP COPIES OF EVERYTHING YOU SUBMIT. You may call the Graduate Admissions office at 413-545-0722 to see if your file is complete. Please note, there are no spring semester admissions but interested students may take 1 or 2 classes as non-degree students before officially applying to the program of study.

Based on all the elements of your application, we will evaluate your fit with our program of study, looking at issues including your writing and thinking style, and evidence of your ability to do graduate level work. We encourage all applicants to include a resume and a detailed personal statement (3-5 pages) with their admissions application. In your personal statement, write clearly and concisely about why you want to enter the program of study, how the program of study fits into your career goals, and how your previous work and life experience relate to your professional development and readiness for graduate study. If you do not believe your undergraduate transcripts reflect your current academic abilities, please explain why there is a gap.

One of our clear program priorities and strengths is the promotion of school counseling for diverse populations. Remember, your personal statement is the primary way we evaluate your knowledge of school counseling, your commitment to the field, and your fit with our program of study goals. We look carefully at both the content and the writing of your personal statement.

Ideally, your admissions application should include three letters of reference. At least one of these should be from someone qualified to comment on your academic potential.

We do not require the GRE. We focus on the essay and recommendation letters in our admission decisions.

Admissions decisions are finalized in March and successful applicants are usually notified by mid-March by phone and letter. If your address, e-mail address, or phone number changes, please be sure to notify the admissions office of the best way to reach you.

For more information about applying, please visit the Graduate School's website.

Admissions Interviews

In late February, a selected group of applicants will be invited to campus for a day long group interview. This offers an opportunity for applicants to ask questions of the faculty and current students. This also gives faculty a chance to observe applicants' interpersonal skills. Applicants who are invited to these interviews are encouraged to attend, if at all possible.

Fall Orientation

Before classes begin, new School Counselor Education students will participate in an orientation to the program. Students will receive more information about this during the summer.