Submitting a Proposal

The first step in assembling the full proposal is checking the sponsor guidelines for any additional required forms and materials. These may include:

  • Bibliography
  • CVs and/or short bios
  • Letters of support
  • Capability statements

ORE is available for consultation on finalizing your proposal. 

When all components of your proposal are assembled you will submit the proposal to the College Business Office which will in turn submit it to OGCA. Please keep in mind that all proposals from the university may only be submitted to sponsors by OGCA. All proposals need to be submitted to the College Business Office at least 10 business days before the submission date (taking into account mailing time and partner institution deadlines).

The College Business Office uses the Grant Application Management System (GAMS) to route the proposal through the campus approval process. GAMS expedites proposal processing by enabling key signatories to provide approval electronically regardless of whether they are on campus or not. 

What happens next?

  • Business Office submits proposal to OGCA at least 5 business days before sponsor/partner deadline (plus mailing time, if applicable).
  • OGCA sends proposal reference number to PI which should be used in all correspondence
  • OGCA reviews, works with the PI, the College Business Office, and the sponsor on any contract issues, and submits proposal to sponsor
  • PIs, please cc all correspondence with OGCA to Charlene Holley (, ORE (, and Department Chair
  • PIs may need to consult with potential sponsor on revisions. ORE and Department Chair should be informed of all discussions (please note that only OGCA can negotiate contractual terms and conditions)