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field experience

Educator licensure programs at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) include a range of field experiences in a variety of classrooms and schools. These program specific experiences such as observations, pre-practicum, practicum and internships, are sequentially designed and include working with diverse student learners to prepare candidates to be effective education professionals. Field experiences are documented through the Educator Licensure Office and in Tk20, our online data and assessment system.

While program faculty design and implement field experiences, the P12 Educator Preparation Office (EPO) facilitates partnerships between the College of Education and public schools.  The EPO and the Educator Licensure Office (ELO) are responsible for the documentation of licensure field experiences.  Please see additional information on the programs in the Guide to Educator Licensure Programs.

The following provide an overview of our different field experiences, information for our site partners (especially educators and school administrators), and information for candidates who are in licensure programs.

  • Types of Field Experiences: An overview of the different field experiences that are common in our educator licensure programs.
  • Information for Site Partners: General information for the educators, practitioners and administrators at the sites where our candidates engage in field experiences.
  • Information for Candidates: Detailed information for University of Massachusetts Amherst students who are currently enrolled in a licensure program or for potential candidates.

Contact Information

Field Experience Specialist:  Ann Stephany