Resources for Grantseekers and Grantholders

The UMass AMherst College of Education's Office of Research and Engagement (ORE) offers resources to assist grantseekers and grantholders. 


  • Developing a Research Agenda
    Research agendas can help target your research efforts. Please reference for information on how to develop your research agenda along with a sample research agenda from current faculty.
  • Potential Funders
    Please reference for information on common external funding sources for the College, resources for identifying funding opportunities, and available resources within ORE to help target your search for support.
  • Proposal Development
    Please reference for an orientation to the grants process, proposal formatting guides, information and resources for developing your budget (including samples from faculty), along with the process for working with ORE for proposal development.
  • Submitting a Proposal
    Please reference for the required process to submit your proposal, including deadlines for submission to ORE and details on subsequent correspondence.


  • Managing Funded Projects
    Please reference for an orientation to project management (including guides for Principle Investigators (PIs)), an outline of the process to establish your project account with ORE, and general resources on developing a project work plan, organizing meetings with your project team, and relevant policies to be mindful of during the award process.
  • Closing out a Funded Project
    Please reference for the required process to close-out your project account with ORE.

General Resources

  • Tools and Examples
    Please reference for an index of all external resources, presentations, and faculty samples provided in the previous sections.
  • IES grants information
    Please reference for information on the application process, funding deadlines, and ORE workshops for current Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) grants.