New partnership works to offer associate degrees in business in Afghanistan

The college’s Center for International Education (CIE) hosted a meeting in Montague House to jumpstart a new partnership between the College of Education, the universities of Herat, Balkh and Nangahar in Afghanistan, and Greenfield and Holyoke Community Colleges that will work to develop associate degree programs in business marketing, business administration and business accounting to be offered in Afghanistan. The partnership is coordinated by Matt Glennon from the UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management.

Community college faculty meeting with Center for International Education staff working with the project.

The Business Associate Degree Partnership is one of four partnerships that CIE is responsible for under USAID’s third largest higher education project, University Support and Workforce Development program (USWDP), a $92 million, five-year project (2014-2019). The College of Education has a $23 million sub-contract with FHI 360 and is as the lead technical partner.

In the partnership, each of the three community college faculty members is paired with one of the Afghan universities and will work with faculty from the Afghan university to develop the courses in the associate degree to be offered there. The faculty will travel to Afghanistan to meet and work with their counterparts in developing course syllabi, learning materials and teaching methods for the new degrees.

USWDP is committed to improving academic quality in Afghanistan through the establishment of new graduate programs, new bachelor degree programs and the development of associate degrees.  The goals of these programs are driven by the labor market and  are focused on providing education that will increase students’ employability and their ability to make a positive impact in the economy of Afghanistan.

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