Faculty develop community college model for Pakistan

Aligning with the College of Education’s work to develop higher education leadership capacity in countries where higher education has been under-developed and has the opportunity to make significant impact, faculty members Benita Barnes and Joseph B. Berger, in a two-year sub-contract with the Institute for Training and Development (ITD), will conduct programming for community college administrators from Pakistan.

Two stateside programs will be conducted over the next two years, each serving four government participants and 20 higher education administrators from vocational and technical institutions in Pakistan. Project goals are to develop participant knowledge about the U.S. community college model, to facilitate educational development in Pakistan, and to foster sustained engagement between U.S. and Pakistani counterparts and institutions. Holyoke Community College is also a partner. The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs is providing the funding and will oversee the project.

The College of Education has long been focused on community college development. Barnes and Berger are part of the instruction team of the Massachusetts Community College Leadership Academy which provides an avenue through which community colleges in the Commonwealth can prepare personnel for future leadership positions. The College is also facilitating the development of the first community college programs in Afghanistan through its USAID-funded Higher Education Project (HEP).

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