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Published Book and/or Dissertation Title

Steven Sadler 2012    
Elizabeth A. Robinson


2012 Instructor, Education Studies Program, Suffolk University Research as praxis in ESL teacher education
Luisa-Maria Rojas-Rimachi
2011 Senior Lecturer in Spanish/University of Rochester Teaching culture through language and literature: The intersection of language ideology and aesthetic judgment

Karen S.B. Rodis

2011   Teaching people's othered children: Internationally adopted students learning English
Sawsan O. Abbadi 2011 Lecturer, Swarthmore College, Department of Arabic The Teaching and Learning of Arabic Post 9/11: Late Modernity and Possibilities for Change in Foreign Language Classroom
Carmen N. Veloria 2011 Assistant Professor, Suffolk University, Department of Education and Human Services "You know what it's like, miss!"---Beyond college access: A tale of multiple "selves"
Marcella Runell Hall 2011 Director, Center for Spiritual Life and Clinical Professor, Silver School of Social Work, New York University Education in a Hip-Hop Nation: Our Identity, Politics & Pedagogy
Andrew Hafener 2011 Visiting Assistant Professor Education and Urban Studies, Hampshire College Production of Third Spaces for Immigrant English Language Learners: (Re)Negotiating Identity and Discourse in the Secondary Classroom
Marky Jean-Pierre 2011 Lecturer, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Language and learning in a post-colonial context: The case of Haiti
Dong-shin Shin 2009 Assistant Professor, SUNY College at Brockport, Department
of Education and Human Development

A blog-mediated curriculum for teaching academic genres in an urban classroom:
Second grade ELL students' emergent pathways to literacy development.

Wilma Ortiz 2009

Teacher of ESL at Amherst Middle School, Clinical Faculty of ESL Teacher Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Teacher Inquiry Group: The Space for (Un)packing Representations of Discourses of Achievement Gap and the Possibility of an Institutional Transforming Practice

Jane Carey 2009 Instructor, Holyoke Community College, English and Social Science Departments Implications for Literacy Learning as
Urban Grade Two Students Engage in Digital Storytelling

Shinji Sato & Yuri Kumagai. (Eds.)



Published by: Kuroshio Syuppan (Tokyo) Nihongo kyoiku to asesumento: Asesumento no tayoa to sono jissen ni mukete [Japanese Language Education and Assessment: Toward Multiple Assessment Tools and Implementation].
Arlene Hijara 2008 Director, Boston Teacher Residency Program, ESL and Special Education Programs Sound education: An ethnographic exploration of power relations in high school classrooms with mainstreamed oral deaf students
Theresa Abodeeb-Gentile 2008 Assistant Professor, University of Hartford
Department of Education and Human Services
A critical discourse analysis of classroom literacy practices in fourth grade: The critical moments
William E Grohe


Associate Professor, University of Western New England, Arts & Science: English Department

Carpets, beards, and baseball signs: An intertextual and interdiscursive look at meanings constructed in a cross-cultural setting for language learning

Adina Alexandru 2008 Published by: VDM Verlag

"Miss, Do We Really Have to Pass This Class?": Current Discourses in the Middle School Students' Foreign Language Classroom

Ruth Harman


Assistant Professor, University of Georgia

Systemic Functional Linguistics and the Teaching of Literature in Urban Schools

Nelida Matos


Language, Literacy, and Culture, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Focusing on strength: Building home-classroom connections with Latino families in urban schools.

Pierre W. Orelus


Assistant Professor, New Mexico State University in Bilingual Education

The [de] construction of institutional representation of student achievement: an ethnographic case study of an ell student’s academic growth.

Andrés J. Ramirez


Assistant Professor, Rhode Island College School of Education and Human Development

Dis(locating)  Risk and  Deficit through  Strategic Alignment: A Systemic Functional Analysis  of the Creation of a Nurturing and Culturally Relevant Academic Environment for Struggling Readers

Doris Correa


Assistant Professor, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia

Understanding voice in the disciplines: The struggles of Latina non-traditional students and their instructors

Kristen French


Director, Center for Educational Pluralism
Assistant Professor, Elementary Education Western Washington University, Woodring College of Education

Decolonizing multicultural teacher education

Jehann H El-Bisi 2007 Published by: VDM Verlag

 "Ms. Cowhey, I have a text to world connection." Gabriella, first grade: Critical intertextuality in a multicultural first grade classroom.

Gregory D. S. Bascomb 2006 Faculty/Facilitator - Online, Axia College Participatory video projects in multicultural learning environments
Ruth-Ellen Verock-O'Loughlin 2006 Senior Lecturer, University of Massachusetts Amherst Impacts of technology coaching on teacher practices

William E. Grohe


Assistant Professor, Western New England College, English Department

Carpets, beards, and baseball signs: an intertextual and interdiscursive look at meanings constructed in a cross-cultural setting for language learning

Patty Bode


Director of Art Education
Tufts University

Multicultural Art Education: Voices of Art Teachers and Students in the Postmodern Era

Pam Hollander

2005 Assistant Professor of English, Nichols College Identity and discoursal elements: Three case studies of first-year writing students
Adina Alexandru 2005  

Teacher research as a response to: "Miss, do we really have to pass this class?" Examining discourses in the middle school students' foreign language classroom

Jason G. Irizarry 2005 Assistant Professor, Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut Representin' for Latino students: Culturally responsive pedagogies, teacher identities, and the preparation of teachers for urban schools

Roberta Wallitt


Adjunct professor at Ithaca College; community organizer

Breaking the Silence: Cambodian Students Speak Out About School, Success, and Shifting Identities

Yuri Kumagai 2004 Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese at Smith College

(De)mystifying literacy practices in a foreign language classroom: A critical discourse analysis

Maria Jose Botelho


Assistant Professor Language,
Literacy, and Culture, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Reading Class: Disrupting Power in Children's

Cecilia Chang-Chow


Associate Professor of Chinese at Williams College

The effects of topic familiarity and language difficulty on situation-model construction by readers of Chinese as a foreign language

Julianne SunJoo Huh 2004 Published by: VDM Verlag

Globalization of English teaching practices: When Confucianism meets Vygotskian practices: An ethnography of teaching and learning EFL in a Korean university

Michael Riendeau

2003 Assistant Head Master of Academic Affairs, Eagle Brook School

Boy, walk with a purpose: a postmodern study of the conversation between the discourses of secondary English education.

Peter C.



“Our spiritual center": language ideology and personhood at a Chinese community heritage language school

Gihan Sidky 2002 Educational Specialist, United Nations

Same students, different strategies! : a sociocultural perspective to studying language learning

Ann C. Scott 2001 Faculty, MCLA "I am the seed in a watermelon": exploring metaphors about education, welfare reform, and women

Karma Choepel Dolma


Faculty, Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain

Construction of social identities: an ethnographic study of Tibetan student discourses in higher education.

Sabuur Abdul-Kareem


Assistant Dean
Communications, Arts, and Humanities
Delaware County Community College

An Ethnographic study of an ESL Pre-MBA Case Study Classroom: The Process of Conceptualizing and Defining Authenticity by Learners and Instructors

Joyce L. Szewczynski


Associate Professor of Modern Language at Springfield College

The talk's the thing : an ethnographic study analyzing the critical reflective dialogue of a collaborative curriculum development team composed of a high school Spanish teacher, a native language informant, and a researcher

Mary T. Jeannot


Professor and Director of the MA/TESL Graduate Program

Redefining classroom authority: a dance among strangers

Margaret R. Hawkins


Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin Madison

Positioning, power and the construction of knowledge in group-work in a graduate second language teacher education course

Haiyan Fu


Northside College Preparatory High School, Chicago, IL

Missed opportunities for negotiating cultural and personal meaning in language classroom : an ethnographic study of Chinese language classes

Eileen F. Kelley

1993 Chair of the ESL Support Program and Multicultural Activities at Holyoke Community College The non-native English speaking student in the community college developmental English classroom

Francis M. Bailey



Voice in collaborative learning: an ethnographic study of a second language methods course


Black Ants and Buddhists: Thinking Critically and
Teaching Differently in the primary grades

Mary Cowhey 2006 - Stenhouse Publishers.


Miles to Go: International Poetry for All Students
Linda Rhinehart Neas

No Child Left Behind, mandatory standardize testing, and English Only have left teachers in PreK-12 schools with limited resources to meet the needs of their diverse classrooms while also meeting the requirements of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (MCF).  Within the Language Arts Frameworks, Poetry requires that students become familiar with the “important writers from around the world.” However, no international poets are cited in the MCF resource materials until high school.  In the online resource created for this leadership project, poetry, web links, and research articles are a click away for PreK-8 teachers.  The “PoetryEdwiki” will give these educators access to international poetry both in English and in native languages, as well as provide a place to find and share ideas for teaching poetry.   Access to this online resource will enhance the teaching of poetry, while providing all students with texts that gives voice to their individual heritages.

Critical Literacy, Multicultural Education and Curriculum Integration: Meeting the needs of all students in an integrated English Language Arts and Social Studies Humanities class
Lizette Aguilar

The project illustrates how Ms. Aguilar incorporates theories of critical pedagogy/ critical literacy, multicultural education and curriculum integration in an eighth grade Humanities class that integrates English Language Arts with Social Studies.  The presentation will briefly discuss critical pedagogy/literacy, multicultural education and curriculum integration and their role in the Humanities curriculum.  It will also discuss a sample of the Humanities unit with a brief explanation of how it was implemented to meet the needs of all students in her class.

Thematic Approach to Curriculum Design in the Tibetan Elementary School Context  
 Passang Lhamo

For Tibetan students who study in Tibetan Schools in India, a strong literacy development in their own language is indispensable for enhancing their identity and their future academic development. The presenter made an analysis of the feedback received from Tibetan teachers in India, in response to a thematic curriculum unit plan. The plan exposes students to a variety of content and topics that are designed to develop a strong sense of identity in the students, and thus support their engagement in their own education and learning processes.   The thematic approach provides an impetus for the negotiation of power between the teachers and students, and deviates from the traditional patterns of education.