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The Language, Literacy and Culture (LLC) concentration offers a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.), Certificate of Advanced Graduate Students (CAGS), and Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.)

The LLC community brings together faculty and students with interests in the areas of first and second language acquisition, ESL, bilingual and world language education, reading, writing, children’s literature, multicultural education, multiliteracies, oral communication, information processing, critical thinking, media literacy, multimodality, creativity/innovation, global awareness, cultural competency, problem-solving, teamwork/collaboration, self-directed learning and leadership. We strive to create a dynamic synergy among these areas in order to better address the needs of all learners in a diverse society.

The LLC community seeks students committed to researching language, literacy and culture as negotiating participation in communities, expressing and developing social identities, and the study of ideologies and power relations to transform schools, communities, and the broader society.

The LLC community promotes adopting a scholarly engagement approach to research, teacher-as-researcher stance to professional development; a critical and functional view of language and language learning; and a recursive focus on issues concerning social justice and the institutional and political contexts influencing public education.