Schimmel receives prestigious award from Ed Law Association

Professor Emeritus David Schimmel, Department of Educational Policy, Research and Administration, received the 2011 M.A. McGhehey Award for “outstanding contributions to the field of education law and service” from the Education Law Association. Through his scholarship, Schimmel provides insight into a range of legal issues and bridges theory, policy and practice domains with particular emphasis on the role of teachers and administrators. He is widely recognized as a champion of legal literacy for educators and the need for teachers and school administrators to understand and effectively apply legal principles in the course of their professional work. In addition, he is an acknowledged authority on First Amendment issues and civil liberties as applied to the public education context. He has been a regular contributing author to West’s Education Law Reporter since its inception. His book, Teachers and the Law, now in its eighth edition, is one of the most successful desk references available to teachers and school administrators. In addition to authoring or editing nine books, he has written extensively in leading scholarly journals on topics related to constitutional mandates, civil rights, and preventive law in the public school context.