Rallis’ and Rossman’s new book fosters “inquiry-mindedness”

“The Research Journey: An Introduction to Inquiry”, by Dwight W. Allen Distinguished Professor Sharon F. Rallis and professor and chair Gretchen B. Rossman, both of the Department of Educational Policy, Research & Administration has been published by Guilford Press. Information is available at the Guilford Press web site.

Rossman says that the book is designed to foster “inquiry-mindedness” in graduate students by helping them develop conceptual frameworks and insightful research questions that link their studies with the ongoing discourses in their fields. Rallis and Rossman examine different ways of knowing and provide details on building and supporting an argument; making informed design decisions; and engaging in reflective, ethical research practices. One reviewer comments that “In a single, readable volume, Rallis and Rossman distill key ideas and conceptual frameworks that currently require several textbooks and readings in my classes.” Another reviewer notes that “The book does an excellent job – especially through the exercises of unblocking the thinking and writing of terrified graduate students.”