Hamilton’s “PAVEd for Success” published

“PAVEd for Success- Building Vocabulary and Language Development in Young Learners” by Claire E. Hamilton, associate professor, Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, and Paula J. Schwanenflugel, University of Georgia, has been published by Brookes.

Called a “road map to school readiness for preschool and kindergarten students,” the book is based on K-PAVE, a kindergarten vocabulary instruction program developed by Hamilton and Schwanenflugel, that has been shown to have positive impact on the vocabulary and academic achievement of kindergarten students.

The book includes a complete introduction to the PAVEd for Success approach, with tips, strategies, and classroom examples to help teachers enhance children's emergent literacy, as well as 24 PAVE lesson plans that are scientifically based and evaluated in more than 300 prekindergarten and kindergarten classrooms. A CD-ROM provides access to all the printable materials needed for the PAVE lessons.

In 2010, the National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance released a report on a randomized control trial that tested the impact of Kindergarten PAVEd for Success (K-PAVE) on 1300 kindergarten students’ expressive vocabulary. The REL-Southeast K-PAVE study found that the program had a significant positive impact on students’ vocabulary development and academic knowledge, as well as for the classroom instruction outcome of vocabulary and comprehension support.