Maloy and Edwards’ article in Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse addresses reading challenges in math problems

An article by Robert Maloy, senior lecturer, and Sharon A. Edwards, clinical faculty, both of the College of Education’s Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, and Gordon Anderson, software engineer in the Department of Computer Science, has been published in the June 30 “Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse,” a web-based joint venture of the International Reading Association and National Council of Teachers of English. (

Titled “Reading Coaching for Math Word Problems,” the article notes that students in elementary math classes are learning two distinct yet related languages- one of numbers and one of words - both of which are combined in math word problems. It suggests that pupils who struggle with language or math comprehension, or both, face challenges in attempting to decode math word problems. The article proposes strategies for teachers to use to support students in addressing the reading challenges found in math problems.