Lapan named to state task force

Rich Lapan, professor, Department of Student Development, has been named to a new task force formed by the Massachusetts Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to address career readiness.

The Integrating College and Career Readiness Task Force, comprising local business, education and community leaders, is charged with helping all students become ready for post-secondary education and viable career pathways . It will be responsible for developing recommendations for better integrating college and career readiness in to K-12 education.

The task force will meet five times over the next six months. In June 2012, the group will present its report to the Board with recommendations around the adoption of a clear, measurable definition of career readiness, identifying "power" standards (knowledge and skills) inherent in a core career development program, identifying indicators of career readiness, and identifying and documenting successful policies and programs that provide students with multiple pathway options to integrate knowledge and skills for career readiness and readiness for postsecondary education.