School of Education’s Center for International Education begins work with Kabul Medical University, Afghanistan

Recently, USAID asked the College of Education’s Center for International Education’s Higher Education Project (HEP) to take on an additional responsibility to strengthen The Kabul Medical University. The new component is managed by the Academy for Educational Development in partnership with three U.S. universities. The College of Education’s Center for International Education (CIE) and the Institute for Global Health (IGH.) comprise the UMass Amherst unit.

HEP is working with Kabul Medical University (KMU) and in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) and Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) to improve the pre-service medical training offered in Afghan public universities to better meet workforce needs, beginning with KMU, and to establish a cadre of doctors graduating from Afghanistan’s public universities who are able to offer high quality services to the Basic Package of Health Services and Essential Package of Hospital Services in Afghanistan.

From left: Dr. David Evans, Dr. Joseph Berger, Chancellor of Kabul Medical University Dr. Obaid, and Dr. David Buchanan in Kabul, Afghanistan

HEP and KMU will also work towards achieving improved coordination among stakeholders, revised and updated curriculum at Kabul Medical University; improved teaching methods at Kabul Medical University; strengthened systems for clinical rotations; and revised and rationalized admissions requirements.

Other responsibilities include creating a new School of Public Health at KMU with revised undergraduate course offerings, and designing a new Masters in Public Health for KMU. CIE/IGH is also responsible for strengthening the pedagogy across all of KMU to support their goal of implementing a problem-based methodology which is adapted to the realities which will be faced by graduates working Afghanistan’s health services.

Drs. David Evans and Joseph Berger, both of the Department of Educational Policy, Research and Development, and David Buchanan of the School of Public Health, work together with a team of UMass Amherst employees in Afghanistan and here on campus to carry out the work of the project.