Dr. Galman lectures on gender competencies in the classroom at Swedish conference

Sally Galman, assistant professor, Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies, will present in June a lecture at the University of Uppsala, Sweden, with her research partner, Renate Kosuch, professor of psychology at University of Cologne.

Called "Developing Critical Gender Competencies in the Classroom: Deconstructing Gender and Power," Dr. Galman summarizes the lecture: “ In seeking to develop communities of critique by explicitly putting gender on the classroom agenda, we sought to reframe and collaboratively deconstruct hegemonic gender norms but found that the student effects could vary: some students reacted with resistance to the material, some internalized only the most facile constructions of gender and identity and still others - as a (paradox) result of our explicit treatment of gender and power - reify their gender stereotypes instead of overcoming them. Based on these student reactions, we seek to discuss the development of non-imperative strategies.”

The conference is called "Challenging Education" and is the first annual Nordic conference on gender.