Faculty co-author book on learning with new technologies

“Transforming Learning with New Technologies,” written by the College of Education’s Robert W. Maloy, senior lecturer, Ruth-Ellen Verock-O’Laughlin, lecturer, and Sharon A. Edwards, clinical faculty member, and Beverly Park Woolf, research professor in Computer Science, has been published by Pearson.

The book demonstrates ways to create highly interactive learning opportunities for elementary and secondary school students using a full range of technologies and emerging Web 2.0 tools. Each chapter addresses the needs of educators who are new to teaching or technology. Instructional examples and lesson ideas from across the curriculum at all grade levels give teachers starting points from which they can develop their own technology-infused lessons.

The work’s Technology Transformation Lesson Plans provide examples across grade levels and subject areas that demonstrate how technology transforms lessons by showing minimal technology use juxtaposed with fully-infused technology options that align to learning goals of each lesson.
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