Maloy and Edwards published in New England Journal of History

An article by senior lecturer Robert Maloy and clinical faculty member Sharon Edwards appears in the Fall 2012/Spring 2013 issue of The New England Journal of History. Titled “Tag Bundles, Education Boards, and Internet Playlists: Constructing Historical Biographies Using Social Bookmarking Technologies”, the article is summarized by the Journal’s editor as follows: “(The authors) share an exciting educational strategy: using Internet social bookmarking techniques in the classroom. Tag bundles and Playlists are ways that students can learn about selecting accurate and reliable resources on the internet in order to build collages of information pertaining to historical figures. The authors champion these research tools as highly useful in the classroom as a way to engage students in creating well-rounded perspectives of people form history.” It is good to note that the editor then requests Journal readers who implement the methods described in Maloy and Edwards’ article to let the editor “hear of your experiences.”


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