COE awarded $21 million in two years for work in Afghanistan

Joseph BergerDavid EvansDavid Evans and Joseph Berger (EPRA) were awarded an $11.2 million, one year extension of an initial $9.9 million, one year grant to continue the work of the school’s Center for International Education’s (CIE) Higher Education Project (HEP) in Afghanistan. The extension provides for the School to have primary responsibility for working with Afghanistan’s Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) in broadening its capacity for planning and management skills training; to strengthen the development of graduate education by launching a master’s level academic program in public policy and administration; to enhance faculty pedagogy, based on modules previously developed through HEP, within other faculties in Afghanistan; and to develop a model technical program that will be the foundation for a “community college” system in that country.

This project is part of an overall program to rehabilitate and strengthen the capacity of the education system to improve access to quality education throughout Afghanistan. Since 2006, CIE has worked with the Ministry of Higher Education on quality assurance and capacity building and with the 18 faculties of education that offer four-year teacher education programs. Previously, CIE was engaged for 5 years in Afghanistan as a partner in a consortium, led by the Academy for Educational Development.  This consortium completed a successful precursor project that re-vitalized teacher training, enhanced the capacity of MoHE, and established the first functioning master’s degree program in Afghanistan in at least 30 years.  

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