Irizarry Honored for Contributions to Educating Diverse Learners

Jason Irizarry, associate professor and director of urban education in the College of Education, has been awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award from the John Dewey Society in recognition of “his work as a contribution to the theory and practice of educating diverse learners in a democracy.”The award is the highest honor that the society bestows upon educators in its field.

Irizarry was recognized by the society’s nominating committee for his “ability to translate theory into a way that speaks to aspiring practitioners as well as to his own students. His book, ‘The Latinization of U.S. Schools,’ strongly exemplifies a Deweyan perspective in giving voice to Latino/a students. He is significantly and effectively using his theorizing about education to not only give voice to students of color but for all students, helping others to understand the lived experience of cultural difference and encouraging participation and advocating multicultural understanding.”

Irizarry will be presented the award at the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting April 16-19 in Chicago.

Founded in 1935, the John Dewey Society for the Study of Education and Culture exists to keep alive his commitment to the use of critical and reflective intelligence in the search for solutions to crucial problems in education and culture.

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