David M. Schimmel

Professor Emeritus
Department of Educational Policy, Research & Administration

B.A., Duke, 1955
J.D., Yale, 1958
B.H.L., Hebrew Union, 1962

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003

Professional Interests: 

Dave Schimmel has been a professor of education at UMass since 1968 and is a visiting professor at Harvard's Graduate School of Education. He is author of over 60 articles and co-author of seven books on law and education including Teachers and the Law, 7th Edition (2007), School Law (2008), and Principals Teaching the Law: What Every Teacher Must Know (2010). After graduating from Yale Law School, he briefly practiced law and was on the Peace Corps staff for six years before coming to UMass. He is recipient of the Education Press Association of America's Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence is Educational Journalism and the UMass Distinguished Academic Outreach Award, and was co-founder of the university's Citizen Scholars' Program that promotes social justice through citizen action. His current research and writing focuses on legal literacy in the public schools.