Scholarship Donors and Recipients Reception 2013

Celebrating the power of philanthropy to change lives

Our scholarship reception highlights the generosity of our extraordinary donors and the excellence of our talented students. It also provides an opportunity for some of our scholarship recipients to meet the donors who made their scholarships possible and to talk with them about their futures in education.   

During this year’s reception, we congratulated 22 scholarship recipients for their academic accomplishments. One of them was Katherine Faron, a reading teacher, a doctoral student in the language, literature and culture concentration and the first recipient of the Nieto/Rudman Endowed Scholarship.

 “I am here today because the Nieto Rudman scholarship allows me to pursue my doctorate and be a part of a program that connects my goals in the field of education with my belief that every student deserves social justice,” Faron said.

Here are some photos from the event.

Gerry and Richard Wise, donors, with Shannon Barry and Catherine Rossi, recipients of the Mary Margaret Whittaker-Webster Memorial Award

Katie Liedell, Mrs. Grace Norton Carney (front, center), donor, Jamie Chapman, Maurice Doran, Marybeth Carney (back, center) and Julia Mawdsley. Liedell, Chapman and Mawdsley received Grace Norton Carney Scholarships; Doran received the Paul J. Carney Reasons to Give Scholarship.

Masha Rudman, Katherine Faron, recipient of the Nieto/Rudman Endowed Scholarship, and Sonia Nieto.

Sarah Flinker, recipient of the Richard J. Clark Memorial Scholarship for Teacher Education, and Mrs. Casey Clark.

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