#UMassGives takes place April 27-28

UMass Gives

#UMassGives is a 2-day online giving campaign using email and social media platforms to encourage people to give to their favorite part of UMass Amherst.  For us, that's the College of Education!

How can you participate in UMassGives this year?

You can support a College of Education student by "paying it forward."

Announcing the "Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund"

  • a fund through which you can positively impact others in acknowledgement of the ways in which others have supported you.
  • a fund inspired by our students and designed for all of us who care about benefiting another person in an altruistic way.

During UMassGives, donations of any amount allocated to the College of Education's Pay It Forward Scholarship Fund will support a College of Education student who demonstrates his or her desire to pay it forward.  The recipient of the Pay It Forward Scholarship will be acknowledged at the college's annual Scholarship Celebration.

Why pay it forward?

Because you can.

Because you have the ability to positively affect someone's life.

Because it encourages an attitude of kindness.

Here's how our doctoral student Alicia Gonzales described her pay it forward philosophy:

Alicia GonzalesI am the recipient of the C. Lynn Vendien Professional Scholarship for 2016-2017.  I hope that this brief story relays how important and what an impact this scholarship has had on me.  A few weeks ago, my partner and I were on a hike, and we were imagining our future after graduate school, and in this vision we have income!

He shared with me a few organizations that he plans on repaying for what they have paid him in resources and information.  He asked me what I would love to give back to and I said without hesitation: 'I would love to give to a scholarship fund, because of what they have done for me.'

Without scholarships, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to work on a doctoral degree, and I know that repaying what so many people have paid to me will further the education of others - which I believe is so important!

So I thank all of you who have invested in us, and I hope that we both use our gifts to one day turn them into gifts for others, both monetarily and non!"

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