CIES@UMass Amherst - NE Regional Conference

November 1 & 2, 2013

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The Center for International Education in the College of Education Northeastern Regional Conference of the Comparative and International Education Society November 1 & 2, 2013 at UMass Amherst

Education in Uncertain Times

We live in a world where the economic, political and cultural terrain is rapidly transforming, thus confronting education policy and education systems with new complexities, challenges and opportunities. The world economy is changing, higher education has become a growth sector globally, but the mission for basic education for all remains elusive. Youth are leading struggles for political reform at the same time that we see new incidents of youth on youth violence in the Global South and North. As immigrant communities gain new voice and visibility, issues of citizenship, identity and nationalism are once more at the forefront of public policy. Due to continuing war and conflict there are greater numbers of internally displaced and refugee populations that undermine the educational gains of the last century. The influence of new media and modes of communication are yet to be fully comprehended and utilized in the education sector globally.

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