Applying For Your Initial License: The "Nuts and Bolts"


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1. Access the on-line Educator Services

Go to to access the new on-line educator services.

From this page you can locate many on-line resources. Some are secure and require you to login for your personal information.

Click on the “ELAR” button -- toward the top right of the page -- to access your personal profile.

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2. Login

If you know your user ID and password then login.

If you are new to this system then click on the link under the login box (“Create ELAR Profile”).

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3. Access the Application

From the welcome page you can access the on-line functions.

Some points of interest:

· Check license status and history – enables you to view the status of your license requests and the licenses you hold. Also, if you need to pay for a license you can pay on-line from this selection.

· Update your professional development plan –allows you to maintain your plan as you receive training. This plan will automatically be used when you renew your license on-line.

· Apply on-line – The two apply functions enable you to apply for a new license and renew your licenses.

· Licensure help (upper right of screen) – Will help explain the requirements to receive a license.

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4. Access the Application

To complete the online application, click on “Apply for a new license, or advance to the next level license”.

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5. Read the Brief Set of Licensing


When you click “NEXT” you will be asked to verify the profile that you created for yourself. Check your profile and make edits if necessary.

Upon verification of your profile, you will then be able to move on to applying for the appropriate license.

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6. Select the License You are Seeking

You must select the


· LEVEL, and

· TYPE of license

Then click the “ADD” button and complete a few more items (including signing an “electronic” affidavit, making payments, etc.).