Educator Licensure Forms L1-L4

The Undergraduate Advising & Educator Licensure Office is responsible for enrollment, tracking, and ultimately recommending students for licensure to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. We collaborate and coordinate with the various licensure programs to ensure that students are enrolled in appropriate courses and field experiences (practica), have completed the required MTEL exams, and are ultimately licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

All candidates for educator licenses (including any teaching, administrative, counseling, or school psychology license) must complete four forms, which will be filed in the Undergraduate Advising & Educator Licensure Office, located at W144 Furcolo. An explanation of when each form should be submitted is described within the link for each form.

  • Form L1:  Program Admission and Enrollment Form. After purchasing a Tk20 license, all licensure candidates are required to access Tk20 to fill out this form. If you have not yet purchased Tk20 or logged on, please consult the "Getting Started" portion of our Student Guide.
  • Form L2:  Practicum Placement Contract (depending on your licensure levels and/or program requirements you may need more than one Practicum Placement Contract -- available from your Program Coordinator or in W144 Furcolo)
    • Form L2a:  Music Practicum Placement Contract
  • Form L3: Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP) The new Regulations for Educator Licensure require that all candidates for TEACHING licenses to complete the state-issued PPA.
  • Form L4:  Program Completion Form. To be completed by the Program Coordinator only when the student has successfully completed a licensure program and is being recommended for either Initial or Professional Licensure.

Please note that the Undergraduate Advising & Educator Licensure Office must have a copy of your MTEL score report on file for licensure purposes. (Yes, in most cases we do receive your scores electronically from the testing company; however, the scores are sent as a long roster of names/scores and cannot be used for individual files or licensure applications.)

All of the above forms (1-4) must be completed and submitted so that we can prepare transcripts and support your application for licensure. You can help the process run more efficiently by submitting all of the requested information in a timely fashion as you progress through your program.