Master’s Degree: Elementary Teacher Education

The Collaborative Teacher Education Pathway (CTEP) is a 10-month program that offers a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) leading to Initial Massachusetts Licensure in Elementary Education.

CTEP seeks dynamic students interested in an intensive, full-time program of study that is rooted in constructivist theory with emphasis on active investigation, collaboration, problem solving, dialogue and reflection.  CTEP focuses on pedagogy that develops a community of learners, builds on students’ prior knowledge, assesses students’ understanding, plans inquiry-based curriculum, and designs differentiated instruction.

CTEP believes that the education of a diverse student population is fundamental. To support this important goal, CTEP students engage in substantial field work in both urban and suburban settings and actively explore issues of educational equity and social justice in academic coursework.

CTEP serves three important groups:

  • Graduating seniors at the University of Massachusetts
  • Graduating seniors from other institutions of higher education
  • Second-career professionals who desire to teach

CTEP Course of Study

Summer Session
EDUC 592L Social Studies Methods (3)
EDUC 615AK Inclusive Classroom: Application (3)

Fall Semester
HUM DEV 570 Applied Child Development (3)
EDUC 615N Children and their Literacies (3)
EDUC 691R Prom. Practices in School Mathematics (3)
EDUC 662 Integrated Methods Seminar (3)
EDUC 598E Pre-Practicum (3 days/week) (6)

Spring Semester
EDUC 503 Sheltered English Immersion (3)
EDUC 561 Science Education in Elementary School (3)
EDUC 695J Advanced Integrated Methods Seminar (3)
EDUC 500Y Student Teaching (6)

CTEP Prerequisites

The prerequisites for candidates interested in applying to CTEP are as follows:

  • A B.A. or B.S. with a major in the liberal arts, mathematics, or sciences. For a detailed list of appropriate majors, please click here.
  • A minimum undergraduate GPA. of 3.0. Please note that the average GPA of current CTEP students is 3.4.
  • A passing score on the Communication and Literacy Skills portion of the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL).  Please note that although passing scores on the remaining two MTELs – Foundations of Reading and General Curriculum – are not required for application to CTEP, these two MTELs must be passed by June 1 or students will not be eligible to enter the program in the fall. To meet this deadline, students are strongly encouraged to begin taking these final two tests during their junior year (see the MTEL guidelines for the Elementary Education Master’s Program).
  • Evidence of, or a specific plan for, meeting prerequisite knowledge base in Mathematics with a grade of B or higher. At UMass Amherst, Math 113 and 114 (Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers) and Educ 463 (Principles and Methods of Teaching Mathematics) are the suggested courses to satisfy this requirement. 
  • Evidence of, or a specific plan for, meeting the prerequisite knowledge base in reading/writing methods with a grade of B or higher. At UMass Amherst, Educ 461 (Principles and Methods of Reading and Language Arts) satisfies this requirement.

CTEP and the Minor in Education

While the Minor in Education is not required for application to CTEP, UMass undergraduates interested in applying to CTEP are strongly encouraged to complete the minor. For more information on how the Minor in Education can help you prepare for CTEP, please see the Elementary Education and Minor in Education guidelines.

How to Apply

Interested individuals must apply to CTEP by January 2 for fall admission.  There is no spring admission to this program.  To apply, complete the online application at the graduate school website.


For questions about Elementary Education, or if you would like to make an advising appointment, please contact the Educator Information Office at (413) 545-2002 or