Master’s Degree: Child Study and Early Education Concentration

The Child Study and Early Education concentration is designed to provide students with a broad overview of the educational and developmental needs of young children in early education and care settings and their families. Students may seek to acquire or extend their knowledge and skills in Early Intervention (0 – 3years), Early Childhood Education (0 - 5 years), Family Services, Public Policy for Children and Families, or interdisciplinary work in Childhood Studies. There is a strong emphasis on the study of the child, individually and in groups, and with close attention to the cultural context. The study of the child leads directly to accurate assessment and effective programming. The Child Study and Early Education degree is not a teacher preparation program, however students may design a program that satisfies the course requirements for the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care Lead Teacher Credential.

Highlights/Points of Pride

Many of our current students, as well as our alumni, have come to us with substantial international experience. This diversity enhances our understanding of the cultural context of early education and care. We encourage applications from students who have prior early childhood experience in diverse educational settings. 

Required Courses

The core curriculum of the Child Study and Early Education concentration includes five courses in three core areas: Child Development, Research and Early Education. The program also includes elective courses centered on a specialization reflecting student interests (e.g. Early Childhood Curriculum, Early Development, Intervention, Child Studies).

  1. Child Development (2 required)

    HUMDEV 570 Applied Child Development
    HUMDEV 660 Theories of Human Development
    EDUC 673 Advanced Child Development

  2. Research (1 required)

    EDUC 773 Research and Theory in Child and Family Studies I
    EDUC 791B Research and Theory in Child and Family Studies II
    EDUC 555 Introduction to Statistics and Computer Analysis I

  3. Early Education (2 required)

    EDUC 692V History of Early Childhood Education
    EDUC 697R Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education
    EDUC 580 Curriculum models in Early Education

Contact Information

Concentration Coordinator:  Sally Galman (Associate Professor)

Associated Faculty

Camille Cammack (Lecturer), Darrell Earnest (Assistant Professor), Portia Elliott (Professor Emerita), Sally Galman (Associate Professor, Co-Coordinator), Claire E. Hamilton (Associate Professor, Co-Coordinator), Raymond Sharick (Lecturer), Ernest D. Washington (Professor), Seon Yeong Yu (Assistant Professor)