TEACH Bridges to the Future Secondary Teacher Education Pathway

TEACH Bridges to the Future is a one-year, 36-credit pathway leading to a Master’s degree and middle or high school teacher licensure. It is offered by the College of Education in partnership with the rural communities of Orange, Montague, Greenfield and Deerfield, Massachusetts.

Bridges to the Future was launched as a broad-based effort to increase collaboration between the College of Education and the surrounding communities and school districts.

Bridges to the Future’s curriculum emphasizes the use of best practice pedagogies, integration of new and emerging technologies, and implementation of community service learning.

As a TEACH Bridges licensure candidate, what will you do?

Beginning in the end of August, you will work with rural middle or high school students as a micro-teacher or student teacher. By mid-year, as a clinical teacher, you will become part of a middle school team or high school department.

Throughout the academic year, you will learn the skills and competencies needed to be a successful teacher, including:

  • Motivating students
  • Sharing different cultures
  • Planning instruction and designing curriculum
  • Developing professional portfolios
  • Teaching individually and in teams
  • Assessing student learning
  • Building problem-solving techniques
  • Collaborating with other Bridges candidates

You will also take graduate classes related to your teaching level, participate in seminar discussions about effective and equitable teaching strategies, and develop a community service “legacy project” that supports student leadership.

Applying for TEACH Bridges candidacy

TEACH Bridges to the Future Secondary Teacher Education Pathway is designed for graduating college seniors, college graduates and second career professionals of any age who:

  • have a record of leadership and achievement
  • have an interest in a career in education
  • would like to teach for a year in a rural middle or high school

To be considered for acceptance to the Bridges to the Future pathway, candidates will need to have met all subject matter requirements.  Many of these requirements can be satisfied through completing an undergraduate degree in the subject they wish to teach.  However, there may be additional course requirements not satisfied by the major or degree; to complete these additional requirements, students are expected to meet with a subject matter advisor for further consultation.  Click here for more information on subject matter requirements.

Admissions Process

You must complete the University of Massachusetts Amherst Graduate School application which is available online at www.umass.edu/gradschool.

Include the following with your application:

  • Personal Statement that includes your goals as well as your beliefs about teaching and learning
  • Hard copy of your passing scores on the Communications and Literacy Skills portion of the MTEL
  • Two recommendations - one academic and one highlighting your work with children and adolescents
  • Your current resume

Application Deadline

February 1st is the formal deadline for application.


For questions about the Bridges to the Future pathway, or if you would like to make an advising appointment, please contact the Educator Information Office at (413) 545-2002 or eio@educ.umass.edu.