Master's Degree: Higher Education Concentration

The Higher Education concentration is designed for individuals interested in pursuing careers in academic affairs and student affairs as administrators, faculty, researchers, and policy analysts in colleges, universities, and state and federal agencies. The Master’s degree with a concentration in Higher Education is the equivalent of a two-year full-time program aimed at preparing students with the knowledge competencies, skills, and ethics necessary to be leaders in higher education in the 21st century. The program is approximately 80% full-time and 20% part-time students. For more information,

Concentration Highlights

  1. A strong focus on leadership theory and practice leading to various administrative positions in higher education.
  2. A strong focus on the holistic development of students leading to administrative positions specifically within the division of student affairs in postsecondary education.


Examples of the Higher Education Concentration Courses

EDUC 641  Student Life Research
EDUC 844  History of American Higher Education
EDUC 617  Law and Higher Education 
EDUC 601  College Student Development Theory
EDUC 615T College Impact on Students 
EDUC 674  Leadership in Higher Education
EDUC 778  Management in Higher Education
EDUC 642  Principles and Practices of Student Affairs
EDUC 615E  Race, Class and Gender in Higher Education 
EDUC 691U  Service-Learning and Engagement in Higher Education
EDUC 691A  Assessment Practices in Higher Education
EDUC 845  Current Issues in Higher Education
EDUC 697A  Women in Higher Education
EDUC 595K  Introduction to College Teaching
EDUC 846  The Academic Profession
EDUC 634  Strategies for Institutional Change
EDUC 792J  Organization in Higher Education
EDUC 615EF  Higher Education Finance

Contact Information

Concentration Coordinator: Chrystal George Mwangi (Assistant Professor)

Associated Faculty

Benita J. Barnes (Associate Professor), Chrystal George Mwangi (Assistant Professor), Katherine Hudson (Senior Lecturer), Ezekiel Kimball (Assistant Professor), Ryan Wells (Associate Professor)