Yvonne Hilyard wins a 2013 excellence in teaching award

Yvonne Hilyard (M.Ed. 2008), a second and third grade science teacher at Morgan School, Holyoke, is one of seven recipients of the 2013 Pioneer Valley Awards for Excellence in Education. The award, supported by the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation, rewards exceptional public and parochial school teacher in our region and is meant to encourage them to remain in the teaching field.

Nominees must be certified by the State of Massachusetts and must demonstrate professionalism through: excellence in teaching practices; his or her own professional development; good attendance on the job; enthusiasm for teaching and/or working with children.

As a nominee for the award, Hilyard was described as follows:  “Her lessons are hands-on and rigorous. She maintains a high level of expectation for all of her students and teaches lessons where all students experience success. She is committed to her own professional growth. She is dedicated to ensuring that the needs of our ELL populations are being met by attending trainings... (She has) an enthusiastic and an engaging personality that translates to her lessons, drawing her students in and keeping them captivated...Yvonne has the respect of those who work with her....She is committed to working with students and their families to provide them with the best learning opportunities, helping them to be successful lifelong learners.” Read more about Hilyard and the Excellence in Teaching Awards at http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us/grinspoon.html