Ulysses Byas Visits Namesake School

College of Education alumnus Ulysses Byas (Ed.D 1977) recently travelled from his home in Macon, Georgia, to Long Island, New York, to celebrate a $31-million reconstruction of an elementary school that bears his name, as reported in a recent issues of Newsday.

The new Ulysses Byas Elementary School, renamed shortly before Byas retired from the school district in 1977, sports not only new classrooms and technology, but a portrait of its namesake, a recent gift from Byas himself.

In 1970, Byas was named county school superintendent in Tuskegee, Alabama. Seven years later, he moved to New York and took his place at the former Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School where he helped rebuild the financial structure of the school that then faced bankruptcy and that now offers advanced services including Chinese lessons and a chess coaching and sees its students continue to score well on state English and math tests.