Senehi is Founder of Open Future Institute

Gerard Senehi (M.Ed. 1987) started a “Big Questions Project that helps high school and university students to define their lives and futures with meaning and purpose.”  The project “engages students in the exploration of questions relating to choice, purpose, fearlessness, interconnectedness and the bigger picture,” Senehi said.  Big Questions is part of the work of the Open Future Institute, a new non-profit institute of which Senehi is the founder. Its mission, he said, is to promote and expand our understanding of how culture evolves in order to address global challenges at their deepest source and support the ongoing advancement of society.

Senehi adds, “Through education, activism, and media, informed by leading-edge theory and research, we seek to empower and inspire change-makers of today and tomorrow. Our programs and partnerships focus on optimizing the power of human agency, uncovering the greatest leverage points for culture-change, and building the capacities we will need to create a positive future.”



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