Parker thanks college for career path

Fran Parker (BA 1966) visited Furcolo Hall during Alumni Weekend and her 50th reunion. She began her teaching career in the Albany, New York area, then moved to teaching positions in Illinois and Las Vegas, Nevada, retiring after 10 years teaching in San Diego, California.  “I stopped by to say ‘Thank you’ because I felt well prepared by the college. As a new teacher, my first assignment as a permanent sub was to set up a first grade class, and I just did it!” she said. “And I went on from there. My career was a testament to having the skills I needed from the beginning. I always say my training set me up for a fulfilling career. I had a skill I could take with me throughout life.” Parker plans to register with the UMass Alumni Advisor Network soon.

“I really like sharing with students, telling them the importance of education and supporting them,” she said.  “Telling them that everything, the hard parts, everything, is worth it in the end.”

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