Common Forms for Undergraduates

Submission of a Common Form is a request that will be considered, and is not guaranteed to be granted. The Common Forms are reviewed by the College of Education.

Please fill out the appropriate form below, print the form, and submit to room W114 Furcolo Hall. 

  1. Authorization for Release of Academic Information 
    For students wishing to permit the release of academic information to certain individuals.
    In accordance with FERPA, all information regarding a student’s academic record is considered private. This form must be submitted by appointment only. 
  2. Late Course Add Petition (requires instructor’s signature) 
    For students wishing to add a course after add/drop period ends. 
  3. Late Course Withdrawal Petition
    For students wishing to withdraw from a course after add/drop period ends. 
  4. Late Pass/Fail Petition
    For students requesting a course to be changed from letter grading to pass/fail after the mid-semester date.
  5. Petition for Overload of Credits
    For students wishing to enroll in more than 19 credits in a single semester.