Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The College of Education offers the PhD, which replaces the EdD.

  • Students currently enrolled in the EdD program have the opportunity to complete the EdD before it is phased out.
  • Current EdD students also have the opportunity to earn the PhD, but they will need to meet the research requirements of the PhD. See below.
  • Beginning with admissions for fall 2016, the Graduate School will inform all applicants that their applications are being switched to the PhD.

Establishing the PhD was identified as an important strategic objective.  It not only strengthens the college’s focus on research, it better aligns the college with our national peers and helps us to maintain our position as the top public research-oriented College of Education in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

Approved Research Methods Courses

The College’s Academic Matters Committee has assigned the following courses the Research Methods designation. This list applies to all doctoral students matriculating fall 2016 or later. Students seeking the PhD are required to take four research methods courses and two of those four courses must be quantitative research methods courses.

Research Methods Courses (Non-Quantitative)

619  Qualitative Research Methods
749  Multilingualism & Society
794D  Seminar in Discourse Analysis
797A  Qualitative Data Analysis
797C  Critical Research in Education
815  Researching Lang, Lit, & Culture in Ed: Ethnographic Per
815  Researching Lang, Lit, & Culture in Ed: Ethnographic Rep Part 2
819  Alternative Research Methods in International Education

Quantitative Research Methods Courses

555  Introduction to  Statistics/Computer Analysis I
637  Nonparametric Statistical Analysis in Ed & Psych
650  Regression Analysis
652  Mixed Methods Research
656  Introduction to  Statistics/Computer Analysis II
661  Educational Research Methods
663  Single Subject Research Design in School Psych
664  Res Methods: Quasi-Experimental & Group Designs
671  Survey Research Methods
676  Secondary Data Analysis
686  Making Sense of School Data
727  Scale and Instrument Development
731  Structural Equation Modeling
790E  Social Network Analysis
822  Research in Special Education

Courses will be reviewed for the research methods designation once each semester by the College Academic Matters Committee (after receiving approval by department level academic matters committees). Courses that meet the criteria will be added to the approved list.