Late Breaking News
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--November 5, 1999 — EdNet@UMass, not only, has been nominated for a Global Information Infrastructure award BUT has 'made it' to the semi-final round.

--September 4, 1999 — Dr. David Landrigan, Professor of Psychology, has joined the EdNet staff. David is at the Lowell campus of UMass and provides the Web based services on EdNet.

--January 17, 1999 — The T.H.E Journal (Technological Horizons in Education) will be publishing an article about EdNet@UMass in its March 1999 issue. Here's a copy of the article. Click here to see the article.

--January 9, 1999 — Work to create a Web page that contains all EdNet postings and provides a forum for the Guest Speaker is still going on.

--December 28-30, 1998 — We have added FrontierLand to the EdNet menu. FrontierLand is an attempt to showcase the seeds of innovations on the Web and we hope to provide some insight in regard to how these innovations might impact Education.

We have also moved the FAQs into the About Us section.

--December 19, 1998 — We are working to develop and implement new features in the "Guestorium," and "Where the Action Is" section of EdNet. These new features will allows EdNetters to access EdNet's traffic via Web technology or maintain their tradition e-mail service.

--November 22, 1998 — EdNet@UMass Web page was opened for business.

--November 1992 — UMass School of Education doctoral student, Prescott Smith, starts EDNET, the rest is history .

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