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-- Take the KEYBOARDING survey. This is a "learning experience" for me, so if the form of the questions is not 100% clear, just wait a bit and I'll work it out. Also, IF you are unable to SUBMIT the form, please do NOT send me e-mail. I have a few folks who are testing it and will let me know about bugs.

-- To subscribe to EdNet@UMass and receive all traffic VIA E-MAIL just send an email message to: listproc@lists.umass.edu — On the first line of the message's body type: Subscribe Ednet (Your Name) — A "Subject:" is not needed, but one may add one if your mailer requires.

--Anderson Hall—EdNet's Web based discussion board. Our Web conferencing offers the same service that EdNet@UMass has offered for years. This feature allows EdNetters to peruse the topics at their convenience rather than having the posting arrive in their mailboxes. Our web conferencing offers online Help for all major features. If you have questions about a feature, look for the help button on the menu bar or post a message asking for help (Click Post on the menubar). foster professional discussions.

--Louis Schmier's Random Thoughts. For many years EdNet has been fortunate to have Dr. Schmier post his thoughts on Education, and life in general, for us to hear. His postings have been inspirational and uplifting.

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