Economic History and Development Workshop

A seminar meeting 3-4 times a semester in which graduate students and faculty from the Economics Department and other Colleges and Universities present research in progress on a range of topics in economic history and economic development.

Fall 2017 Schedule

Date Speaker(s) Title
September 3
4:00 pm
Peter Bent
​UMass Amherst
Recovery from financial crises in peripheral economies, 1870–1913
October 11
4:00 pm
Arthi Vellore
​University of Essex
Estimating the Recession-Mortality Relationship when Migration Matters
November 8
4:00 pm
Kartik Misra
UMass Amherst
Is India’s Largest Workfare Program Successfully Challenging its Historical Inequalities?
December 8
4:00 pm
Mark Stelzner
​UMass Amherst
Workers and Technological Change in the United States

Room 209
Crotty Hall
University of Massachusetts Amherst


Papers should be posted at least one week prior to presentation.

For more details contact Professor Srivastava at