The undergraduate degree in Economics does not require students to concentrate in a specific area of Economics.  Students may be interested in choosing courses that complement each other. 

The concentrations listed in the chart (PDF chart below) are not noted in the Economics Academic Requirements Report (ARR) on SPIRE, transcript, or diploma.  Students do not need to take all of the courses designated within a concentration; four or five of the courses cover a solid understanding in each concentration.

The following courses provide tools used by most economists that are relevant, irrespective of concentration:

  • ECON 203 - Intermediate Microeconomics  OR  RES ECON 202 - Price Theory (REQUIRED) 
  • ECON 204 - Intermediate Macroeconomics (REQUIRED)
  • ECON 452 - Econometrics
  • ECON 309 - Game Theory

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