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Arslan Razmi

Arslan Razmi
Associate Professor
814 Thompson Hall
(413) 577-0785
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Ph.D., Economics, American University, 2004
M.S., Civil/Transportation Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1996
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan, 1995

professional experience

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2004-present

research interests

Open economy macroeconomics, international trade, development economics, political economy of growth and distribution, history of economic thought..


Macroeconomics (graduate undergraduate)
Open economy macroeconomics (graduate and undergraduate)
International trade (graduate and undergraduate)

honors & awards

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences' Small Instructional Grant (American University)
Dean's Doctoral Fellowship (American University)
Hurst Scholar Award (American University)


Mellon Mutual Mentoring Grant (University of Massachusetts) in collaboration with
Mwangi wa Githinji and Fidan Kurtulus
Political Economy Research Institute Research Grant
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Instructional Improvement Grant (University of Massachusetts)


American Economics Association
Eastern Economics Association
Society for the Study of Economic Inequality


The Real Exchange Rate as an Instrument of Development Policy. International Conference on Developments in Economic Theory and Policy, Bilbao, July 2009.
Bretton Woods II and the Emerging Economies: Lazarus, Phoenix, or Humpty Dumpty? Annual Meetings of the Eastern Economic Association, New York, February 2009.
The Real Exchange Rate as a Development Policy Tool (co-presented with Peter Skott). Annual Meetings of the Eastern Economic Association, New York, February 2009.
Re-Thinking the Conceptual Tradable/Non-Tradable Divide: The Case of Cambodia, presented at the Economics Department Graduate Students Conference, Amherst, April 2008.
Developing Country Exports of Manufactures, paper presented at a conference held in Geneva titled "Debt and Trade: Making Linkages for the Promotion of Development" sponsored by the UNCTAD and the South Centre in collaboration with the Center of Concern (CIDSE) and the Equitorial Guinea Investment Corporation, Sep. 13 2007.
Integration, Informalization, and Income, Inequality in Developing Countries, 2nd meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ), Berlin, July 12-14 2007.
Analyzing Pakistanís Economic Prospects in an Increasingly Integrated World: External Constraints on Sustainable Development. Inaugural Symposium on Pakistan organized by the Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) at the National University of Singapore, May 24-25, 2007.
Integration, Informalization, and Income Gaps in Developing Countries: Some General Equilibrium Explorations in Light of Accumulating Evidence. Annual Meetings of the Eastern Economic Association, New York, February 2007.
Pursuing Manufacturing-Based Export-Led Growth: Are Developing Countries Increasingly Crowding Each Other Out? Annual Meetings of the American Economic Association, Chicago, January 2007.
Is a Dollar Crises Likely? Presented at a Panel at the Left Forum meetings at the City University of New York, March 2006.
Does the Fallacy of Composition Inhibit Export-Led Growth? Estimated Effects of Intra-Developing Competition on Output. Annual Meetings of the American Economic Association, Boston, January 2006.

Selected publications

"Exploring the Sustainability of the Chinese Growth Model in Light of Some Key Structural Characteristics," International Journal of Political Economy, 39(1), Spring 2010.

"Can the HOSS Framework Help Shed Light on the Simultaneous Growth of Inequality and Informalization in Developing Countries?" Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv (Review of World Economics), 145(2), pp. 361-372, July, 2009.

"Does pleasing export-oriented foreign investors help your balance of payments? A general equilibrium analysis." Oxford Economic Papers, 61(1), pp. 128-149, January, 2009.

"Developing country exports of manufactures: moving up the ladder to escape the fallacy of composition?" (with Robert Blecker), Journal of Development Studies, 44(1), pp. 21-48, January, 2008.

"The Fallacy of Composition and Contractionary Devaluations: Output Effects of Real Exchange Rate Shocks in Semi-Industrialised Countries," (with Robert Blecker), Cambridge Journal of Economics, 32(1), pp. 21-48, January, 2008.

"The Contractionary Short-Run Effects of Nominal Devaluation in Developing Countries: Some Neglected Nuances," International Review of Applied Economics, 21(5), pp. 83-109, December, 2007.

"Pursuing Manufacturing-Based Export-Led Growth: Are Developing Countries Increasingly Crowding Each Other Out?" Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 18(4), pp. 460-82, December 2007.

'Balance of Payments Constrained Growth Model: The Case of India." The Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 27(4), Summer 2005.

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