Economics major hopes to take venture to market through Innovation Challenge win

Economics major Ethan Lazar ‘19, and fellow student Matthew Kaplan, are competing in the 'Innovation Challenge' to launch their business. The team were awarded $2,000 of equity free-funding, and the opportunity to continue to the next round of the competition, bringing them one step closer to the $65,000 grand prize. 

Unfair Global Tax System Makes Sustainable Development Impossible

Leonce Ndikumana is interviewed about how the global tax system allows capital to flow from developing countries into global tax havens. He says globalized corporations take advantage of the patchwork of taxation policies that leads to loss of revenue for poorer countries where natural resources are mined or collected.

Philip Gamble Memorial Lecture 2018

Please join the Department of Economics for the 2018 Philip Gamble Memorial Lecture on October 18 at 6pm in the Campus Center Auditorium (free and open to the public)featuring Dr. Christina Romer, Ph.D., the Class of 1957 Garff B. Wilson Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. From January 2009 until September 2010, Professor Romer served as Chair of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers. The title of Dr. Romer's lecture is The Aftermath of Financial Crises: What Happens and Why.

The Lecture will be available live.   Live Stream

How Minouche Shafik '83 became one of Britain's most influential people

"We need to do a better job of explaining our contribution to society and how essential rigour, clear communication, training in critical thinking, and genuine academic debate are to the good that we do,” says Dame Minouche Shafik '83, Director of the London School of Economics and former deputy governor for markets and banking at the Bank of England.

Dania Francis Awarded 2018 Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship

Dania Francis, assistant professor of economics and Afro-American studies, has been selected to receive a National Academy of Education / Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship, which was created to encourage outstanding scholars at the postdoctoral level to pursue critical education research projects. 

The $70,000 awards support non-residential postdoctoral proposals that make significant scholarly contributions to the field of education.