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Arindrajit Dube

Arindrajit Dube
Associate Professor
1030 Thompson
(413) 545-2012
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Ph.D. University of Chicago, Economics, 2003
M.A. Stanford University, Development Policy Studies, 1996
B.A. Stanford University, Economics - with Honors and Distinction, 1996

professional experience

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2010-present
Research Fellow, IZA (Institute for the Study of Labor), 2010-present
Research Economist, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, University of California Berkeley, 2005-2009
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (formerly Institute for Industrial Relations), University of California Berkeley, 2003-2005

research interests

Low-wage labor markets and minimum wage; fiscal policy and local multipliers; health care reform and employer mandates; political economy of conflict; immigration and occupational change; impact of unionization.


Principal Investigator, Institute for New Economic Thinking, 2010
Co-Principal Investigator, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2008
Principal Investigator, California Program on Access to Care, 2006
Principal Investigator, Labor and Employment Research Fund, 2006

Selected publications

"Coups, Corporation and Classified Information" with Ethan Kaplan and Suresh Naidu. Quarterly Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

“How Do Employers React to a Pay-or-Play Mandate? Early Evidence from San Francisco” with Carrie Hoverman Colla and William H. Dow.  Forum for Health Economics and Policy, forthcoming.

“Do Minimum Wages Really Reduce Teen Employment? Accounting for Heterogeneity and Selectivity in State Panel Data” with Sylvia Allegretto and Michael Reich. Industrial Relations, forthcoming.

“Minimum Wage Effects Across State Borders: Estimates Using Contiguous Counties,” with T. William Lester and Michael Reich. Review of Economics and Statistics, November 2010.

“Does Outsourcing Reduce Wages in the Low-Wage Service Occupations? Evidence from Janitors and Guards,” with Ethan Kaplan. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, January 2010.

"Complementarity of Shared Compensation and Decision-Making Systems: Evidence from the American Labor Market," with Richard Freeman, in Blasi, Kruse and Freeman ed.  Economics of Shared Capitalism (NBER Conference Volume: Chicago Press, 2010).

“The economic impacts of a citywide minimum wage,” with Suresh Naidu and Michael Reich. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, July 2007.

“The Hidden Public Cost of Low Wage Jobs in California,” with Carol Zabin and Ken Jacobs. State of California Labor 2004. University of California Institute for Labor and Employment, May 2004.

“Aggregate Demand Externalities and Labor Supply Decisions: Worker Discouragement and Market Inefficiency,” with Ethan Kaplan. Economic Letters, September 1997.

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