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Echoes Alumni Newsletter - Summer 2010

Updates from our Graduate Students & Alumni

Our graduate program is considered by many one of the best places in the world to study heterodox economics.  You are the proof of this!  We'd like to know what you are up to.  Send us your news, share a copy of your authored, co-authored and edited books or come back for a visit.

Below you'll find updates on our current students and your fellow alumni.  Thank you for your continued support of the UMass Amherst Economics Department Graduate Program.


Heidi Garrett Peltier
"The Employment Impacts of Economy-wide Investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency"
Kade R. Finnoff
"Gendered Vulnerabilities After Genocide: Three Essays on Post-Conflict Rwanda"
Hwok-Aun Lee
"Racial Inequality and Affirmative Action in Malaysia and South Africa"

Jennifer Cohen, PERI Fellowship, spring 2011
Harry Konstantinidis
, PERI Fellowship, fall 2010
Lynda Pickbourn
, Woodrow Wilson Women's Studies Fellowship, 2010
Smita Ramnarain
, PERI Fellowship, fall 2010
Martin Rapetti, Graduate School Fellowship, 2010-2011
Ian Seda-Irizarry, PERI Fellowship, spring 2011
Helen Scharber, PERI Fellowship, fall 2010
Seung-Yun Oh, PERI Fellowship, spring 2011


Robert Drago '83 has been appointed Director of Research for the Institute for Women's Policy Research.  Prior to joining the IWPR, Dr. Drago served as Senior Economist at the Joint Economic Committee of Congress and Professor of Labor Studies and Women's Studies at The Pennsylvania State University. He was previously a Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Dr. Drago specializes in policy and research on work/family issues, including paid sick days. Recent publications include his book, Unlevel Playing Fields: Understanding Wage Inequality and Discrimination, and Striking a Balance: Work, Family, Life and scholarly articles, "The Parenting of Infants: A Time-Use Study," and "Work-Family Policies and the Avoidance of Bias Against Caregiving."

Curtis Haynes Jr. '93, was appointed to the City of Buffalo's Common Council in January. He represents the Ellicott District and his current term runs through the end of the year. Dr. Haynes is also an assistant professor in the Department of Economics and Finance at Buffalo State College.

Soon Ryoo '09's paper "Long waves and short cycles in a model of endogenous financial fragility," was recently published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 74, No. 3, June, 2010 (pp. 163-189).

This paper presents a stock-flow consistent macroeconomic model in which financial fragility in firm and household sectors evolves endogenously through the interaction between real and financial sectors. Changes in firms' and households' financial practices produce long waves. The Hopf bifurcation theorem is applied to clarify the conditions for the existence of limit cycles, and simulations illustrate stable limit cycles. The long waves are characterized by periodic economic crises following long expansions. Short cycles, generated by the interaction between effective demand and labor market dynamics, fluctuate around the long waves.

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