UMass Economics in the News

Gerald Friedman comments in a new story about the debate in Rhode Island whether the Affordable Care Act is working in that state, and the overall debate about health care costs prompted by a recent report that a top Blue Cross & Blue Shield executive just received a $1.5 million payout a year after he stepped down. Friedman says a single-payer system in Rhode Island would cost less and cover many more people, but he also recognizes it would face a tough sell politically. (, 8/3/18)

Robert N. Pollin, Distinguished Professor in economics, says the way to promote clean energy is to put money directly into its production and development and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. He says the long-term goal is to eliminate fossil fuel companies by making their markets contract. Other environmentalists are pushing for disinvestment in fossil fuels as a way to restrain the industry.  (Financial Times, 7/30/18)