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UMass Amherst

Training and Workshops


The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office conducts a variety of educational workshops and trainings to the campus community to assist in combating sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The following types of workshops/trainings are provided: Diversity Training, New Employee Training, Complaint Handler Training, Individualized Training, Search Procedures Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Harassment/Discrimination Prevention Training. Please call the office at 413-545-3464 for the upcoming schedule.

New Employee Training on Harassment and Discrimination

New employee training, provided on an ongoing basis, is a joint offering from the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office and Disability Services. It provides an overview of the policies, procedures and laws dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination. The training covers what constitutes a disability, harassment and discrimination and how to address it.

Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual harassment training is open to all UMass Amherst employees. This 3-hour training, is scheduled on an ongoing basis, or can be scheduled by request through the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Office. The important aspects of sexual harassment are covered such as: what constitutes sexual harassment; what the laws are; what are the campus policies and procedures; steps individuals can take if they have been harassed and how supervisors can address this issue.

Respectful Workplace and Diversity Workshops

Workplace Learning and Development (WL&D) provide a wide range of workshops on both respectful workplace issues and specific diversity topics. These range from topics such as "Customer Service in a Multicultural Society" to "Addressing Inappropriate or Disrespectful Behavior in the Workplace." Learn more about other respectful workplace resources available through WL&D.