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UMass Amherst

UMass Amherst Title IX Coordination Team and Resource List:

Title IX Coordination Team

The University has always prioritized its efforts to combat sexual harassment and sexual violence by providing both proactive and reactive resources to ameliorate the devastating effects on victims and on our Campus Community as a whole. Additionally, the University has created the Title IX Coordination Team to further evaluate, coordinate and address sexual harassment and sexual violence on our campus.

The Title IX Coordination Team, is comprised of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, the Center for Women and Community, Department of Athletics, the Dean of Students Office, Center for Counseling and Psychological Health, Residential Life and the UMass Amherst Police Department, it meets weekly to look at specific incidences of sexual harassment and sexual violence and to assure resources and responses are holistically coordinated across the University. Additionally, the Coordination Team ensures that Title IX education and training is provided on campus. For any questions or to report a Title IX matter you can contact the Title IX Coordination Team at (413) 545-3464 or

Title IX Resource List

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D)
The Executive Director, Débora D. Ferreira, for the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (EO&D), is the Title IX Coordinator for the University. Matters dealing with Title IX can be reported to EO&D. In accordance with the Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures, EO&D provides both formal and informal means of confidentially resolving sexual harassment, (including sexual violence) complaints, which are either between employees or a student filing against an employee. Cases in which a student files against another student are usually handled through the Dean of Students Office. Additionally, EO&D provides training to raise awareness through understanding and identifying behaviors that may be considered sexual harassment/sexual violence.

The Center for Women and Community (formerly known as Everywoman’s Center)
The Center for Women and Community provides free, confidential crisis services, counseling and support groups for victims of sexual and relationship violence for people of all gender identities and expressions. The services offered through the Everywoman’s center are available not only to our campus community, but also to those from the Five Colleges, area residents and teens.

Becky Lockwood, Associate Director, Rape Crisis/Violence Prevention, serves as the deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Center for Women and Community.

180 Infirmary Way
New Africa House
Phone: Main number: (413) 545-0883
24 Hour Rape Crisis Hotline: (413) 545-0800 TTY: 413-577-0940

UMass Amherst Police Department
The UMass Police Department serves as a resource for reporting and criminal investigation of incidents of sexual violence. Additionally, the UMass Police Department provides prevention services such as Rape Aggression Defense courses, a night time escort service and other awareness raising and preventative information.

Tom O’Donnell, Lieutenant, serves as the deputy Title IX Coordinator for the UMass Amherst Police Department.

585 East Pleasant Street
Non-emergency Phone: (413) 545-2121
Emergency Phone: 911

The Dean of Students Office
The Dean of Students Office provides confidential investigative and disciplinary processes for incidents of student against student sexual violence and harassment, in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct.

Enku Gelaye, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students and Patricia Cardoso, Associate Dean of Students, serve as the deputy Title IX Coordinators for the Dean of Students Office.

227 Whitmore Administration Building
Phone: (413) 545-2684

University Health Services (UHS)
UHS is a designated SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) site, providing confidential, compassionate services for male, female, and transgender survivors.  The Massachusetts Department of Public Health specially trains, certifies, and supports registered nurses and physicians to provide quality care and forensic evidence collection to sexual assault survivors.

150 Infirmary Way
Phone: (413) 577-5000

Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH)
CCPH provides confidential and supportive services to survivors of sexual violence and harassment, as well as general mental health concerns. Services include: crisis intervention; short-term therapy for individuals, couples and families; support and therapy groups; behavioral medicine; psychiatric services; an eating disorders clinic; assessments for attention deficit/hyperactivity and learning disabilities; suicide prevention training; and consultation and education.

Patricia Barrows, Coordinator of Practicum and post-Doctoral Training Programs, Staff Psychologist, serves as the deputy Title IX Coordinator for CCPH.

127 Hills North and 123 Berkshire House
Phone: (413) 545-2337 After 5 p.m. or on weekends and holidays, call (413) 577-5000, and ask for the CCPH clinician on call.

Residential Life
Residential Life offers a residential experience that supports students’ learning, personal growth, and academic achievement. We foster inclusive communities, create social and educational opportunities, and provide safe and well-maintained residence halls. Residential Life staff provides resources to survivors of sexual violence and harassment, including connecting students to other offices on campus, and facilitating room assignment changes or temporary moves.

Jean Ahlstrand MacKimmie, Interim Director of Residence Education, and William Elum, Assistant Director for Residence Education for Community Standards serve as the deputy Title IX Coordinators for Residential Life.

210 Berkshire House
Phone: (413) 545-1964

Athletic Department
The Department of Athletics provides a comprehensive, challenging, professionally-managed intercollegiate athletics program that encourages student-athletes to achieve their highest academic, athletic and personal aspirations. Programs sponsored by the University adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. The Department promotes principles of good sportsmanship, honesty and fiscal responsibility in compliance with university, state, NCAA, and conference regulations. The Department promotes and supports the University's comprehensive commitment to diversity and equity, providing equitable opportunity for all students and staff including women and minorities.

Jaime Seguin, Executive Associate Athletic Director, serves as the deputy Title IX Coordinator for the Athletic Department.

201 Boyden Building
Phone: (413) 577-0244

UMatter at UMass
According to Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy,“UMatter at UMass is a campus-wide initiative that encourages all of us to be active bystanders and to participate in the effort to create a caring and compassionate campus community.” For more information on the initiative, please read the full press release. The UMatter at UMass initiative includes a public service announcement campaign. These PSA's have a variety of messages and are in various formats. All can be found at the UMatter at UMass site. There are downloadable tools including videos, as well as, posters, presentations and other printables.

In addition to increasing awareness on campus on how to become a more compassionate and caring community, the UMatter at UMass web site offers many resources available to students and others in the community. It provides the community with resources to proactively engage in reducing the misuse of alcohol and other drugs; bias related activity; bullying, harassment and violence; sexual misconduct; and depression and suicide. There is a comprehensive resource sheet on recognizing and helping students in crisis which includes emergency resources, as well as, follow up support and training resources on campus. For additional information please contact the Dean of Students Office at (413) 545-2684.

Center for Women and Community Spring Semester 2014 Series Workshops:
The CWC is located in New Africa House on the UMass campus. Events are open to all. For more information call 413-545-0883.

Series includes: No Blurred Lines: Getting Clear Consent; Start Smart: Salary Negotiation Skills for Women; Breaking Down Rape Culture; Taking Charge: Representations & Body Image; Ins and Outs of Relationships; How to Ally: Shifting to Action and RelationShip Wreck; Responding to Control and Violence.