People & Councils

Maintaining an inclusive and accepting campus climate is everyone's responsibility. However, the University also has several individuals with formal diversity responsibilities. Below are key individuals and councils providing oversight to campus units. For a comprehensive list of diversity-related offices and organizations across campus, please see our Resources section.

Office of Equity and Inclusion

  • Nefertiti Walker, Interim Associate Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
  • Emmanuel Adero, Senior Director of Diversity Outreach Assessment and Planning
  • Amel Ahmed, Director of Academic Equity & Inclusion Initiatives 
  • Ebru Kardan, Director of Diversity Communications
  • Eddie Gorry, Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Coordinator

Campus Life Contacts 

For a comprehensive list of diversity-related offices and organizations across campus, please see our Resources section.

  • Matt Bachmann, Director, Student Veteran Resource Center
  • Genny Beemyn, Director, Stonewall Center
  • Wilma Crespo, Director of CMASS, Center for Multicultural Advancement and Student Success 
  • AnnMarie Duchon, Interim Director, Disability Services 
  • Rebecca Lockwood, Co-Director of Counseling and Rape Crisis Services, Center for Women and Community
  • Hind Mari, Director, Women of Color Leadership Network 
  • Shelly Perdomo, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advocacy, Inclusion, and Support Programs 
  • Gisella Zuniga, Co-Director of Information, Education and Leadership, Center for Women and Community 

Academic Affairs and College/School Liaisons 

Commonwealth Honors College

  • Alexandrina Deschamps, Associate Dean for Recruitment, Advising, and Diversity, Commonwealth Honors College




  • Paula Rees, Director of Diversity Programs, Office College of Engineering
  • Erin Baker, Associate Dean of Engineering

Graduate School

Humanities and Fine Arts

  • Miliann Kang, Director for Diversity Advancement, College of Humanities and Fine Arts

Information and Computer Sciences


  • Nefertiti Walker, Interim Associate Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, UMass Amherst; Associate Dean for an Inclusive Organization, Isenberg School of Management
  • Melvin Rodriguez, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising and Diversity
  • Alaina M. Macaulay, Director for Diversity and Inclusion

Natural Sciences

  • Nilanjana Dasgupta, Director of Faculty Equity and Inclusion, College of Natural Sciences 

Public Health and Health Sciences

  • Michael Begay, Diversity Liaison, School of Public Health and Health Sciences
  • Nate Whitmal, Diversity Liaison, School of Public Health and Health Sciences

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Mari Castañeda, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences


The Status of Diversity Council shall make recommendations on all matters affecting the status of diverse populations and underrepresented communities on the campus, including such matters as faculty, librarian and staff recruitment, retention, promotion and salaries, the recruitment, admission and retention of undergraduate and graduate minority students, granting of financial aid, and the development of programs to reflect the needs of our diverse community.

The Status of Women Council shall make recommendations affecting the status of women on the campus, including such matters as recruitment, promotion and salaries, the granting of tenure, the establishment of day care centers, the admission of undergraduate and graduate women students, the granting of financial aid, the development of programs for women whose careers have been interrupted by marriage or childbirth, and the availability and conditions of part-time work.