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2018 Climate Ambassadors

There are endless opportunities to learn, engage, and grow. Get involved and help build the community of our aspirations that is respectful and inclusive for all.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a campus initiative that seeks to draw on the power of solidarity and creative expression to bring people together across race, religion, class, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, nationality and more.

Campus Climate Ambassadors

Campus Climate Ambassadors are a core group of faculty, staff, and students who engage with others across campus in purposeful conversations about how we can work to create a campus environment that rejects hate and embraces our ideals of respect, dignity, and inclusion as part of the Dignity and Respect in Action: Community Conversations initiative. 

Campus Climate Improvement Grants

Campus Climate Improvement Grants encourage faculty, staff, and students to play an active role and bring their creativity to the work of improving our campus climate. We fund projects and activities that promote understanding and learning, as well as invest in relationship-building across difference in the campus community. Learn more.

Dignity and Respect in Action: Community Conversations

These conversations are a continuation of the spring 2019 Campus Climate Conversations, and will explore ideas around dignity and respect, the challenges and fears we face when having difficult or sensitive conversations, what this means for us individually and collectively, and how we can work to create a campus environment that rejects hate and embraces our ideals of respect, dignity, and inclusion. Learn more.

Learning Communities

If you have ever found yourself wondering if you’ve said the wrong thing or been culturally insensitive, or if you want to connect more effectively and be more inclusive to those around you, then join us for our Fall 2018 Learning Community. We will be reading and discussing “What if I Say the Wrong Thing?” by Vernā Myers. Learn more.

Watch. Learn. Grow.

This documentary series is geared towards learning about differences, seeing the humanity in everyone, and fostering opportunities for respectful dialogue. During fall 2018, we screened A Dream in Doubt (Sikhism, American Identity, hate crime); Living Thinkers: An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower (racism); Gender Revolution: A Journey with Katie Couric (gender fluidity); and Deej (on autism, inclusion & neurodiversity), and spring 2019 documentaries include Abrazos (U.S. citizen children of undocumented immigrants), Ashes to Ashes (funeral services for unidentified victims of lynching), and At the River I Stand (labor dispute that resulted in a turning point in the civil rights movement). Learn More.