Disability Services at UMass Amherst

Disability Services Exam Proctoring Procedure

Student's eligibility for Exam Proctoring as an accommodation is recorded on Clockwork for view by the faculty member.
Student and instructor meet to determine the best way to accommodate test needs.
Instructor and student may arrange test accommodations on their own or may choose to use Disability Services for exam proctoring.
Seven days prior to each exam date, student submits a request on Clockwork to schedule a test with the Exam Proctoring Coordinator and the student reminds the instructor that the exam will be taken at Disability Services.
Faculty member is sent a request for the exam via Clockwork and reminder messages are generated for student and faculty member.
Instructor or designee delivers test to Disability Services Office either by hand, email, download to Clockwork or fax. Tests cannot be sent via campus mail.
Student takes exam with Proctor.
Exam is picked up at Disability Services by instructor or designee or is returned to instructor's department office by Friday afternoon.
Communication between instructor and Exam Proctoring Center will be done via email.

See also Exam Accommodation Procedure FlowchartABC.